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Jim Granville
08/01/13 14:10
  08/01/13 14:31

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#189991 - 1.8-5.5V :: is the new game in town.
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
The chip family is good, but the narrow Vcc range disappoints.

you may, as well, get used to 3V3 or do you want to wait till you need to go to 1V8?

Err ?? No smiley ?

Quite the opposite : 1.8V only, will never happen on small, generic uC.
That was the prediction a decade ago. Much has changed since.

Most of the recent small uC releases have been WIDE VCC, SiLabs are more the exception, hence my surprise. However, they ARE 5V tolerant.

Even some 32 bit vendors, sub dollar, understand this.
1.8-5.5V :: is the new game in town.

If you do not see this, just take a look at ABOV, SyncMOS, Nuvoton, STC, Microchip, Infineon, Fujitsu, Renesas....

Erik Malund said:

BTW SILabs have several chips with a built-in LDO that take 5V Vcc

Which underlines my point, there is no technical excuse for not doing this.
There is an LDO in the Silabs Parts too, most new uC have them.
Freescale were one of the first to include a LDO in tiny uC.

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