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Jim Granville
08/01/13 20:30
  08/01/13 20:43

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#189993 - Try Logic level power FETS
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
.. but what else but ludditeism requires 5V Vcc

Err, do you never use Logic level power FETS, of the Milli-Ohm kind ?
Plenty of other designers do.

Your 3v3 (or 1.8V) fails abysmally at driving one of those, and the fix of 'just add more parts' simply (again) proves my point.

Even in the subset of cases, where an added pullup might 'get by', on a '5V tolerant' device, you then hit this fish-hook :
Absolute Maximum Ratings: [VDD < 3.3 V] : VIN <= (VDD+2.5)

Yes, that '5V tolerant' is only really universally 2.5V tolerant, and now power cycling matters.

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