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Mikkel C. Simonsen
08/28/13 11:46
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#190006 - Who am I e-mailing?
Responding to: David Prentice's previous message
David Prentice said:
The regular website is in English.
Email questions via

Is the stc-51 site related to STC? The stc-51 site is run by "Beijing Siliconray Elec Ltd." which sounds a lot like the " online retail store" to me.

I did e-mail the stc-51 site some time ago, requesting a datasheet not available at the site. I never got a reply.

I guess that you can set the clock rate in software. This seems an easy workaround.

How do you set the correct clock rate in software, when the device sometimes runs at 5.5MHz (as programmed) and at 11MHz at other times? I will try adding a 3-pin voltage monitor IC, to keep the ┬ÁC off until the voltage reaches 4.5V.


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