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Mikkel C. Simonsen
09/04/13 15:52
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#190013 - Divider
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
Jim Granville said:
If you reload the Clock Divider on some pin change, or serial command, does that restore the expected operation ?

The divider is not set. You select the operating frequency during programming, and you can then divide the programmed frequency using the divider - that's how it should be at least. It seems to run at about 1.5MHz when I set the CLK_DIV register to 1, and not the programmed clock/2. Alpha/beta silicon?

The STC info suggests they defaulted to No-divide, which is not so clever on a slowly rising supply - the RST may release <before> the CPU can run at 35MHz.

It should run at 5MHz or whatever you set - not 35MHz. It looks like they use a ┬Ápot or similar as the R of the RC oscillator. The ┬Ápot is then set during programming.

What voltage does it release RST at ?

3.8 or 4.1V. It should run correctly at either voltage.

The LP52 looks quite good here, because it is such a low speed, it seems to always be OK, even close to the 2.0V BOD level.

I like the LP52 also, but the frequency is just a bit low. The timing accuracy is better with the STC - when they run at the right speed ;)


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