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Jim Granville
09/09/13 23:28
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#190016 - LP52
Responding to: Mikkel C. Simonsen's previous message
Mikkel C. Simonsen said:
I like the LP52 also, but the frequency is just a bit low. The timing accuracy is better with the STC - when they run at the right speed ;)

I compared the new C8051F860, and LP52 for low average power systems.
The F860 has a fairly high 100uA origin current, from the regulator.

The LP52 can wait on event (PD) at ~1uA Icc and it has a PWDEX, that allows fast and fixed wakeup (16us) inside any INT width.
The LP52 Osc is slow, but that also means it can wakeup and run, almost at the POR threshold.

A LP51RB2 measures as ~14.7456MHz RC osc
LP52 is ~ 300uA Idle, in /12 mode, and a 51RB2 is about 2x that, with a ClkDivider set for similar MIPs. (it has the higher RC osc speed)

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