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Jim Granville
09/11/13 00:04
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#190024 - What works, and what does not ?
Responding to: Alexandre Marques's previous message
Alexandre Marques said:
Thanks for you help.

The 1st site are in french
The 2nd site use C for Arduino board.

I'm looking for code in ASM to 89s52.

I'm study every night from 21hs to 24hs and read all datasheets

I'm try de code below

Seemed incomplete ?

Such a project is best turned into two separate sections :

First, prove your i2c code can read/write to the 8574.

Then, apply some proven LCD 4 bit mode init code, to that, and confirm you wake up the LCD correctly.

Also, you might prefer the AT89LP52, generally faster/smarter than the 89S52.

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