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David Smith
11/08/13 04:02
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#190103 - Keil uVision4 Struggles
Hello All.

Having made the decision to go for a C8051F850 for my latest project, I'm very impressed with the Toolstick and the free Keil package. Well done SiLabs.

However, converting from my previous Crash Barrier/Metai development system is a real struggle for this 63-year-old. There are so many differences. (I did play with the SiLabs IDE, but rejected it as it isn't anywhere near as useful as my 25-year-old DOS based system mentioned - the glaring deficiency is the lack of proper source-level debugging.) The uVision seems to offer me what I need.

At this stage, I'm trying to get to grips with this hugely complex package, and would appreciate any help. In particular (and I'm ONLY using assembly language):

1. Is it possible to 'fold' sections of source to make viewing easier?

2. Is there a logging function (I've found the project file capability), with an automatic datestamp?

3. My old system has the ability to plug a date/time and code checksum into the final .BIN. This means that I always run a full checksum on the application code as part of my POST checks, and can flag up a detected ROM error. Equally, the embedded timestamp is an automatic way of IDing code. Does the Keil linker have this facility?

4. I also can fill unused code space with repeating textfile, such as a copyright string during linking. Does Keil allow that?

I would appreciate any help on the above. I find the inbuilt help files a bit weak, so am resorting to empirical enquiry (suck-it-and-see).

Thanks again,

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