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David Smith
11/08/13 11:53
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#190108 - Debugger
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Hi Erik, Thanks for your response. Also - I don't know what happened with the 100% usage, but it suddenly dropped to 2%. I was closing down features gradually, when it suddenly dropped - but not after I'd done something. I then restored all windows and features and it's running just fine now. I didn't think that happened in my previous tests. The only time I go to 100% now is if I hit the STEP N% button.

What I'm used to as a 'source-level debugging window' is effectively a LST view - address, hex code, instruction (from the source, so labels, etc appear as written, not SJMP 12H), comment text from source. I've not tried an ASM run as there is no ASM demo. Perhaps I should.

Just tried a little ASM program and am getting errors on TMOD, TR1, TH1 and SCON.
I've specified the correct path to the INC folder. How does the assembler know which file to use? I note that SCON in the 850 is called SCON0, though the other three defs are present and correct.


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