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Jim Granville
11/08/13 16:11
  11/08/13 16:22

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#190116 - familiar editor and assembler/linker
Responding to: David Smith's previous message
David Smith said: use my familiar editor and assembler/linker to create a downloadable .bin file which can then be debugged using either the Silab IDE or uVision, and have it use my source files (in a foreign editor of course)?

Your post seems to imply that this can be done. If so, how does it link back to that editor? (On second thoughts, don't explain - just tell me if it's possible!)

The magic file here, is an Intel OMF51 File. If you have that, = Yes.

If your system can create one of those (and most linker systems could), then under the IDE you just do Debug.DownloadObjectFile, and select the OMF51.

That will send your binary image to the chip, and load in the debug info into the editor, as the OMF contains information relating each assembler line to PC address, plus Symbol info.

Also, under Symbol view, you should now see your variable names, and addresses, and they can apply to the watch window.

Depending on the OMF51 content, you may need to pre-load the ASM file, but Silabs seems to apply address info to the primary file, if the OMF file name is not a full path.

in some systems OMF51 has no extension, in some it may be .a51 or .omf
Look at what your tools can produce.

There is little info on old Metai 8051 tools, do you have a manual, or a link to where they can be found ?

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