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Andy Neil
11/12/13 12:12
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#190131 - To what purpose?
Responding to: Jai Nair's previous message
Jai Nair said:
actually i'm using it for led chaser build with 2051.

How are you using it? What function does it actually serve in your system?

. and its not workink..

What are you expecting it to do?

What does it actually do?

What debugging have you done?

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bt169      Jai Nair      11/11/13 12:25      
   What does the data say ?      Jim Granville      11/11/13 12:41      
   Have you even read the datasheet?      Richard Erlacher      11/12/13 00:43      
      bt169      Jai Nair      11/12/13 07:55      
         To what purpose?      Andy Neil      11/12/13 12:12      
            What are you expecting it to do?       Jai Nair      11/14/13 10:03      
               if i translate correctly      Erik Malund      11/14/13 11:41      
               Post the schematic!      Andy Neil      11/14/13 12:23      
         Don't you think a BJT or MOSFET would work?      Richard Erlacher      11/14/13 11:33      

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