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Andy Neil
12/02/13 02:21
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#190173 - "working fine" (sic)
Responding to: Mohit Gupta's previous message
Mohit Gupta said:
My new and old Keyboards are working fine (sic) with ARM and AVR microcontrollers.

Again, that could be more by luck than design.

So what have you done to investigate the differences between the ARM, AVR, and 8051 versions?

Is there be any issue with pull up lines.

Your oscilloscope traces should answer that.

I had checked the timing waves on Oscilloscope and it seems ok.

What does "seems OK" mean?

Have you thoroughly verified it against the specification?

Have you compared the 8051 traces against ARM, AVR, and PCs?

Apart from low-level timing, have you looked for differences in higher-level message details...

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