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Mahmood Elnasser
12/21/13 01:34
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#190207 - Working
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:

"Working" is something I often have had to pin down before contracting for a piece of work. I've found that most potential clients don't really know what that means, not even to them. I generally insist on testable conditions, and many potential clients have been entirely unable to specify what they consider acceptable. Most often, that means I don't do business with them.
After all, one has to know when he's done the job, and be able to prove it.

You are absolutely right, I've got a contract to repair two test sets for air force, when finished the test sets pass self test and I sent them for calibration and they got calibrated ok. client won't accept them because they indicate that the device under test always fails. Explained to them that the problem is outside the test set but they will never listen. Been legally fighting them for a 8 months and now I won the case.
Would have saved me alot of time and headache if I stated in the contract that the device should pass the self test and calibration to consider it working fine.

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