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Richard Erlacher
12/24/13 02:03
  12/24/13 02:05

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Denver, Co

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#190212 - The core of engineering is not experimenting
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Far too many folks believe that engineers are supposed to play around in the lab and make sparks and smoke.

I've always believed that the engineer's task is to produce specifications. That includes spec's for the device, for the components, for the manufacturing technology to be applied, for the debug process, and, of course, for the acceptance testing, including the equipment and fixtures to be applied to acceptance testing. I shouldn't even have to be the one who performs the tests. I simply specify the hardware and software to be used, and how to operate it.

Once the acceptance test spec's are approved by the client and me, the job is defined and disagreements are easily avoided. Most importantly, I have a firm contract indicating at what point I get paid.


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