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Andy Neil
12/26/13 06:56
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#190215 - RE: believing the first page of the datasheet
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Some may not understand that comment.

It's not to say that the stuff on the first page of datasheets is untrue; just that it's not the whole story - and anyone who just takes it uncritically without studying the rest of the document for provisos is going to get burned!

Much as a car might be quoted as having a top speed of 120 mph, and do 50 mpg: each of those would be true under its own set of conditions - but they would certainly not both be true at the same time!!

To take a more common example for a microcontroller datasheet, the front page may say that the chip has 5 UARTs, 6 Timers, 4 ADCs - but that does not mean that you can use all 5 UARTs and 6 Timers and 4 ADCs at the same time!!

Or, more like the car example, page 1 of a microcontroller datasheet might highlight a maximum clock of 100 MHz, and "low power" consumption down to 1 uA - but they would not both be achievable at the same time!!

etc, etc,...

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