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Jim Granville
03/15/14 16:02
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#190297 - position ?
Responding to: Dave Allan's previous message
Dave Allan said:
I've worked with IR projects for years. My last one, about 8 years ago, used an Atmel AT89S8252. I just started another one - using a Dallas 89C450.

The 89C450 is quite old, and not cheap and NRND
Why not try an AT89LP51RB2 or above ?
Cheaper, newer, well supported in tools...?

Dave Allan said:

With the monitor ON ... and the light from the monitor visible by the module, its very noisy on the output. I put some papers in between the two and it quiets down.....

Anyone have suggestions on how I can work on my IR project - and still use my 28 inch monitor to develop the code ?

Since that sounds purely optical, why not just position, or blinker, the IR module so it cannot see the monitor. eg behind/above the monitor on a stalk would let you see the sensor, but it cannot see the monitor.

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