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Gary Peek
05/28/14 05:50
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St. Charles, Mo

#190324 - Who is using the Atmel LP series?
Atmel has added a number of "LP" series chips in recent times. Are any of you using them?

Most of them don't have quite the complement of on-board I/O that other families like AVR do, but they are more or less 8051 code compatible, and some are close to being pin-compatible except for the pins providing the new features.

For example, the AT89LP828 and AT89LP6440 have some larger pin counts and in DIP packages too, but how many people need that, especially considering that the prices are somewhat high compared to AVR?

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Who is using the Atmel LP series?      Gary Peek      05/28/14 05:50      
   have a look at SILabs      Erik Malund      05/28/14 05:54      
   Depends which price you look at       Jim Granville      05/29/14 14:58      
   Considered them      Mikkel C. Simonsen      07/15/14 16:07      
      LP52 programming      Jim Granville      08/02/14 01:21      

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