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Jim Granville
10/08/14 22:33
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#190359 - What MHz, Vcc, & exact part code ?
Responding to: Oliver Sedlacek's previous message
Oliver Sedlacek said:
The P87C51F DIP in an ancient bit of kit is worryingly close to end of life. Any sugestions for a replacement that will run the same binary? We can change the PCB, so almost any package would be accepatable and we can change the clock (currently 12MHz).

Interesting that NXP show the PLCC and QFP as still in production.
Generally DIP is fading.

Is this a FA/FB device - ie Code/Ram ? Using /12 or /6 clocks ?

Possible replacements could be
Microchip SST89C58RC-40-I-TQJE TQFP, 28,160 in stock
and they also have SST89E/SST89V parts

Of you want to stick with DIP, then Atmel have AT89C51RB2/RC2/RD2 and the newer AT89LP51RB2/RC2/RD2 available in DIP

You may be able to drop in a AT89LP51Rx2, with the right fuse settings.
It would also allow faster operation, should your legacy product need a little boost ?

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