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David Prentice
11/20/14 04:35
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#190380 - You can NOT write to ROM
Responding to: Kiran V. Sutar's previous message
You can only write to the AT89S52 flash memory via an external programmer. e.g. in-circuit SPI or out-of-circuit HVPP.

Some devices, e.g. AT89S8253 have got on-chip EEPROM. you can write to EEPROM from your application.

Other devices, e.g. AT89LP51xxx have on-chip bootloaders. You can write to Flash from your application (IAP) in-application-programming.

Many modern 8051-type MCUs are able to do (IAP). The AT89S52 is not a modern MCU.

You can always write to an unused area of Flash with your external programmer.


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