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Chico Magalh„es
11/20/14 20:39
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#190385 - Let me explain a little...
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
Car amp draws lots of current, this is right.
But, car amps have a special input to switch it on and off, it is called "remote" AFAIK
Car amps on its power socket has 3 inputs: positive, negative and remote.

This remote input is low power.
When there is 12v in remote input car amp is on.
I dont know how much current is involved, I have searched and not found but I believe it is lower than 200mA, probably just enought to switch a small relay inside the car amp.

Mahmood, I cant find any small P channel MOSFET, the ones I found (over internet) were expensive.
AFAIK I need a P channel one.

(sorry for any mistake).

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