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Kiran V. Sutar
12/19/14 08:33
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#190400 - Here is the solution I was looking for
Responding to: Kiran V. Sutar's previous message
Dear All,
Many thanks for giving the time and posting your views on the subject.

I think I was NOT able to explain my requirement properly, sorry, my mistake!

Here is the solution:

unsigned char code *Ptr=0xFF0;



Now I have given the .Hex file to the customer, with the following instructions:
1. Start the IC Programmer software
2. Load the Hex file into this software
3. Use the "Edit Buffer"
4. Go to Location 0FF0.
5. Write the ID of the device (as per requirement)
6. Program the chip


Thanks again, to all the members.
Kiran V Sutar

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