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Jim Granville
03/10/15 12:25
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#190443 - Yes, still a '51?
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
Jan Waclawek said:
Isn't it still a '51?

Yes, it is still a C51.

The newest parts UB1/BB2 have an improved core with 4 levels of interrupt priority, (SiLabs playing catchup finally here, others have had 4 INT levels since Intel did the FX cores ) & the opcodes are a little faster in prefetch=1 mode.
Nothing there that is a brick wall - most ported code would not notice the difference.

The peripherals in the UB1/BB2 are also improved, with FIFOs on SPI and UART, HW handshake, more clock choices.

The detail I like is that the cheapest parts (BB1 aka F850) still have a full-features peripheral set in the smallest variant.
That avoids spawning a myriad of part codes, and finding the one you designed in is out of stock...

With SPI/UART/i2c/ADC/PCA/4Timers/CalOsc the BB1 is well ahead of the lobotomized tiny variants from others.
The cheapest part can do 3~4MBd :)

Or, if you are not in a price-paranoid place, the BB2/UB1 is currently the 'smartest' offering. Pretty much USB=for-free.

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