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Kerim Fahme
04/08/16 18:28
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#190662 - It is not about money.
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
I am not rich but I have enough money to buy any tool that seems good to speed up the design of my various controller boards (hardware and software).

In brief, it happens that my industrial city (Aleppo-Syria), in which I was born then live for more than 6 decades, lives a war-time for 5 years so far (besides many economical sanctions imposed on its citizens by the International Society... I'm personally not sure why ;) ).

SiLabs, for example (since there are many others), has to follow these sanctions, hence it cannot offer its services if requested from Syria, even on internet (like downloading something).

As you see, I have to be content with what I have ;)

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