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Razman Ramedan
11/21/17 23:32
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#190815 - Arithmetic operation with signed number & fractional number
Hi everyone,

I want to implement PID algorithm based on 8051/8052 using assembly language. Here are some questions:

1) Since the Kp, Ki and Kd can be a fractional numbers, can 8051/8052 handle calculation using fractional number?

2) How to deal with signed numbers for 8051/8052?

3) What is the maximum (positive number) and minimum (negative number) of signed number can 8051/8052 handle?

4) Since 8051/8052 is an 8 bit microcontroller, can it be manipulated to perform 16 bit arithmetic operation?

I would appreciate if anyone could provide the link related to advanced arithmetic operation of 8051/8052.

Thank you.

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