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Andy Neil
12/05/17 01:43
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#190820 - What do you need?
Responding to: Razman Ramedan's previous message
As Erik said, please be specific as to what you need.

Are you already familiar with the 'C' programming language?
If not, then I would strongly recommend that you don't try to learn in on an 8051 - or any other (small) microcontroller.

Rather, get yourself a standard 'C' textbook, and learn the language on a "conventional" platform - such as a PC.

Here are some 'C' learning & reference tools for you:

If you are already familiar with the 'C' programming language, then the thing you need to study is the documentation for the particular compiler that you will be using.

Note that the hardware architecture of the 8051 is quite a challenge for 'C' compilers - so 8051 compilers will have a number of proprietary, non-standard features to cope with this.

It will also require a good understanding of the 8051 hardware architecture ...

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