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Kai Klaas
08/24/03 07:41
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#53222 - RE: ALE---indicator...failed MPU
Responding to: Stanley Lio's previous message
I really want to use PCB in my design...

Hallo Stanley,

the problem with connecting pins by simple wires is, that inductivity is sooooo much higher than that of a solid groundplane. And it's my strong believe, that running microcontroller circuit without having a massplane will make you real big trouble. It's like to drive a Ferrari with wooden wheels! Of course, it's possible somehow, but every hundred meters you must change a wheel... But you always must drive very slowly.

What I meant with ground point star routing has nothing to do with use of any kind of PCB. It's the way how and where you connect those dozends of different grounds. Where you connect the metall enclosure used for shielding is essential for effectiveness of shielding! Further, it's essential where you connect motor driver ground with microcontroller ground. Where do you connect EMI filter of motor? Do you have a decoupling capacitor for H-bridge motor driver? Where do you connect it to battery? And, and, and...

It's essential to use careful ground routing, whatever PCB type you use. Each part of your circuit must be referenced to the right ground point (0V of circuit).

If you need help, tell it. It's no problem. I and many others here like to give help.

To your PCB problem. Have a look at:

They make very nice boards at very low price. Have used it many times. Only thing they need is your PCB-file.

Good luck,

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