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Kai Klaas
08/29/03 08:50
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#53655 - RE: ALE---indicator...failed MPU
Responding to: Stanley Lio's previous message
Hallo Stanley,

a picture tells more than 1000 words, right?

Now I have an idea, why you have problems with your microcontroller. Sorry, but there's no other option, you MUST fabricate microcontroller circuit much more compact. With zero force socket, adequate power supply decoupling is impossible! Also, oscillator pins are much too far away from crystal. Please avoid this zero force socket for standardly running of microcontroller. It may be adequate for programming, when clock is reduced, and even more important, when no loads with long, unshielded and unfiltered cables are connected.

So, my recommendation is to use simple socket. Put power supply decoupling capacitor as close as possible to microcontroller. But now problems arise: If you don't have solide massplane, but connect decoupling capacitor by wires, decoupling looses almost all of it's functionality!! Inductivity of wires are so much higher than solid massplane, that you will always have problems...Such an arrangement will NEVER work reliably, especially if you use DIL-package. PLCC package would introduce some benefit. But what you really need is wide copper traces of a properly fabricated PCB, which highly reduce inductivity of 0V routing.

Another point: I assume you connect cables to driver unit without any filter or buffer. That's very dangerous, because port outputs of microcontroller are very high impedant, when showing logical high. So, any interefence reaching cables is coupled into microcontroller and makes nonsense.
Before you route your cables to driver unit, do buffer them directly at microcontroller, insert a filter and shield cables. Please have a look again at my schematic, where I realized and explained all these very important points!!

By the way, use of integrated bridge-driver will NOT solve your problems. Just the opposite, if it's a fast one, problems will even getting worse.

If you don't understand my reply in detail, don't hesitate to contact me directly. Put your cursor on my name at upper left of screen and you will find my e-mail address.


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