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10/14/04 08:08
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#79314 - How to program the flash of AT89c51 ?
Responding to: Riya Sen's previous message
Hi Ria,

In future use relevant subject lines so that someone who has had a similiar problem or a good solution will immediatley respond to you. A simple "Help Me" can mean various things : A) You are drowning B) You are caught in a fire C) You have been kidnapped D) You have lost your car key ....

Anyways you asked ,
how can the hexcode downloaded to External RAM be transferd to In-built Flash memory of AT89C51.

It CANNOT be done the way you want.

Writing code to flash is called programming and you have to follow certain rigid protocols to accomplish it. Read Prof.Kai's reply- you get all details.

And to do the programming, you have a choice of programmers - serial, parallel and home made. The last option is a dangerous one - better avoided. Particularly if your hardware prowess is not too good

Last but not least, switch over to an ISP version as suggested by members.

PS : I have said nothing new that others have not said - but only confirming again so that you have no doubt whatsoever!!



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