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Andy Neil
03/03/05 07:40
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#88984 - Picky, picky, but no such thing!
Responding to: Michal Hupka's previous message
Michal Hupka said:
As Andy and Neil said on "classic" 8051 (or 8052) if you write the 1 to bit in register that match pin on microcontroller, it is setted as an input pin.

That was Andy & Neil; now here's Andy Neil!

Actually, there is nothing to set a standard 8051 pin as an input; all pins are always bidirectional.
However, if you write a '0' to a pin, it turns the open-drain driver ON and there is no way that anything external can ever force it to anything other than '0'
Therefore the input will just read '0' - irrespective of the external signal you might wish to read.

But If you write a '1' to a pin, it turns the open-drain driver OFF and so an external signal can take the pin either high or low - and the input can read the state of the external signal.

The is all explained in Chapter 3 of the "bible" for the 8051:

Chapter 3 - 80C51 Family Hardware Description:

Start reading at p2, "Port Structure and Operation" and pay particular attention to Figures 4 & 5

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