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Farshid Jafari Harandi
05/31/05 12:16
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#94159 - many of my questions are answered ! :)
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Do always use ground wires between signal wires, whenever digital signals are transmitted.
By the way, '51 micros are not designed to directly drive cables or longer copper traces. Due to the special bidirectional port configuration, they do not show low output impedances all the time, which is extremely necessary when directly driving longer connections at port outputs. You should use 74HCMOS ships to drive the signals to the peripheral board, with filters at their according outputs (common mode ferrite choke preferred).

Does the MCUs which don't have Bidirectional ports and capable of Sinking/Sourcing 20mA with CMOS outputs can drive long wires (shorter than 50cm) ?

Ground wires must always be connected to ground at BOTH ends. Otherwise they do not really work as a shield.

the purpose of don't connecting the ground wires in both ends was that i remembered a discussion here about that and what i remembered from that discussion was telling me to do that , now i know that i was wrong !

By the way, there are also special ferrite chokes for flat cables, where you only need to feed through the cable, without any turns.

I'll check the availability of such a ferrites here,thanks for the tip.i was thinking that there is a need to turn the wire around the core!

You worry too much about inductivity of EMI filters.

You're right it's because i don't have enough info to judge in anything in this field , but now with your help i've got the info :)

I just meant to use this filter directly at input of 5V regulator. That's the proper place for this kind of filter, because DC voltage drops caused by the filter will have the least relevant effects here

i did used the 220uH Toroidal inductor in the main board input with not much luck ,and i'have affected by some voltagte drops, i've to use these EMI filters which i bought today NEAR the LM7805K 5V Regulator .

Dear Kai ,
thanks for your help.
everytime i read your replys i learn much more and many of the questions in my mind are answered ,this makes me feel really satisfied ,i am really appreciated from you.

Best Regards :
Farshid J.H.

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