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Jon Ward
06/29/05 14:18
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#96236 - Device Database
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
Here at Keil, we have paid employees who keep the Device Database up to date. But, we don't collect every possible piece of information that some users would want.

However, as Craig can confirm, we do have an ID for each device. This ID does not change. And, an additional database could be created using this ID as the key. Any comments or additional information could be stored there and could be linked to the chips from Keil.

The only downside is that Craig would have to wait for chips to be added by us (Keil). However, that shouldn't be a problem since it is one of our goals to list all the 8051 chips in our database.

This allows the best of both worlds as you get a complete list of devices and users can comment and augment the existing information.


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