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Richard Erlacher
07/03/05 18:10
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Denver, Co

#96484 - it's about the sales ...
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
Unfortunately, many reprogrammable parts are no longer supported by datasheets at the manufacturer's web site because they don't sell that part any longer. If you have to maintain "aging" devices, or if you have an existing stock of parts acquired by someone else, you may actually find yourself unsupported by manufacturers' data, since they would rather sell you something else.

Additionally, sometimes the manufacturer discontinues what turns out to be "just right" for your application, a part of which you're able to get OTP's readily, but for which the datasheet is nowhere to be found, along with the reprogrammable parts, aside from the three you still have in stock. Not every application involves manufacturing 10K boards per week.

In cases such as these, a chip-database is a handy thing, provided the associated database is consciensciously and thoroughly manintained.

How often have you enocuntered a database that turns up a cursory datasheet without adequate programming information, or other parameters?


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