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Jan Waclawek
07/04/05 07:36
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#96513 - extra columns
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message sort of said:
It's not in the table yet:
- ADC/DAC/other analog
- package

Some more of these can be added - temperature range, supply voltage, I2C/SPI... Is there a way to leave this issue (number of columns) open? That russian page might be a nice starter for ideas. And that's a very nicely optimized tight table, which displays well even on 800x600, I think it is an important point.

I would like to see an "approx.price" column, although I know this is highly controversial.

Configurable columns (on/off), so that one can construct a table that fits onto the screen.

Sort by content of columns, multilevel (hm, Craig, maybe you are going to have much less time than you thought, isnt' it? :-) ).

Remarks for availability - maybe a link to wiki, to be able to add comments (distributors) per country or area (I have seen lot of these issues discussed mainly by our colleagues from Asian countries, so they might be of general interest).

Richard's point is quite good: what about maintaining a "last known datasheet" database locally, for that unfortunate practice of some manufacturers who remove datasheets of discontinued products from their site.

OK, I said perhaps too much, now cut this down to something viable...

Jan Waclawek

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