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Juan Arredondo
07/06/05 12:19
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#96714 - measuring water temp inside tube
Hello Everyone,

Iím trying to accurately measure the temperature of flowing water inside a rubber tube of inner diameter of about 1/4" and wall tickness of about 1/16" transparent material. I want to due this with an IR thermometer but I believe that IR thermometers are only limited to measuring surface temperature. does anyone know if this is true? I have collected plenty of data that demonstrate the rubber tube surface temperature and the water temperature are not linearly related. Does any one have an idea as to how to get an accurate water temperature (+/-1 degree celcius would be ideal). Currently I have a thermistor and a thermocouple connected to the surface of the tube so thatís no longer an option. I also donít want to punch into the tube and touch the water because I would have issues with sterilization.

Thanks everyone

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