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07/21/05 22:24
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#97777 - Very sad indeed.
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
Hello Craig,

Good day.

It must have been a relief to you ( and all of us ) that Steve managed to get back. As a person who has faced a coal-mafia in a mine site in North India, I can fully appreciate what must have gone through Steve's mind when somebody was trying to hold him as a professional hostage. In my case, I was surrounded by a big menacing gang at 2 AM on a November 29th asking why I cannot put the stacker back in operation. They were loosing thier productivity incentive due to the hold up and me explaining that I needed new seal kits for the cylinder, fell on deaf ears. I was "released" at 6 AM when the management intervened. The nearest phone was 13km away. Hell it was.

Well the subject of this post really reflects another aspect and that pertains to the Karma score. I really wonder who the jokers are, who are so concsiously trying to make a system fail ? Must be real sadists to play around in a post where non other than the forum moderator has put across his not so pleasant experience.

Craig, I think its time you started blocking these characters who intentionally misuse a facility. And you don't need anyones permission for that.



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