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Jan Waclawek
08/01/05 07:10
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#98582 - other way round
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Of course I don't want to make something time critical (like precise delay loops). Contrary - I want to avoid something stops working because something else grew uncontrolled. See the thread where this one came from.
For example, the timer - imagine one makes it 10ms periodic, highest priority, why not, it is a nice unit and there are 10kcycles on the plain vanilla available between two interrupts. And then he makes a clock, counting up to 100 in the 10ms and displaying the time. Then somebody else adds more and more features - and suddenly it starts running somewhat slow...
My pseudosolution would be:
#pragma cc_begin
     ... code here ...
      ... with branches ...
       ... more branches ...
        ... manually (in simulator) almost untraceable ...
#pragma cc_end
#pragma cc_maxcount 9000

and upon reaching 9000 cycles it would emit a warning or error...

Still looks useless?

Jan Waclawek

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