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Aubrey Kagan
08/02/05 07:13
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#98677 - That's why
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Anyhow, whatever you use, it is still invalid to count cycles for C code bcause you are at the mercy of tyhe compiler.

That's why you use the list file.

As I said it is far from optimal, since it requires quite a bit of interaction. With something like the conditional jump- there is no "knowledge" as to whether the jump is taken or not. The way I handle it is to create a parameter (or cell) that determines whether to count cycles with the condition true, or with it false. In the case of a fixed length loops it is possible to extract the count and thus calculate the cycles and include both the true and false conditions. But there is no way, other than manual interaction, to cater for a conditional break (the C kind of break) in the middle or similar "discontinuities" in program flow.

Still, having had to count cycles in the past, it is a great improvement especially when "tweaking", since Excel automatically keeps the running total.

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