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Vignesh Prasad
08/23/05 23:28
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 -1 Looks like homework
#99942 - More encounters with Keil C51
(Hoping this is a new subject, so I am starting a new thread)

Hi all, just look into the following code:

char packet[10];
unsigned char byte_no=0;
bit bdata txbit=0, rxbit=0, end_comm=0;

void serial(void) interrupt 4
       if(TI)    txbit=1;

void comhandle(void)
      byte_no++;  //suspicion

void main(void)

What happens is that, the first byte of 10 byte serial packet never gets stored in packet[0]. What I suspect is, byte_no++ instruction gets evaluated in the first run, before the main function is called. So when a byte arrives, byte_no has value of 1. Will this happen? comhandle() function is supposed to run only when the microcont receives a serial byte. Any suggestions?

Thanks and Regards,

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