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Andy Neil
08/24/05 03:30
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#99951 - Simulate it!
Responding to: Vignesh Prasad's previous message
Vignesh Prasad said:
Hoping this is a new subject

What do you mean, "hoping?"
Have you checked?

What happens is that, the first byte of 10 byte serial packet never gets stored in packet[0].

How do you know that?
Are you sure that it isn't just getting overwritten? You haven't shown anything that clears RI...

What I suspect is...

Check your suspicion by running it in the Simulator.

byte_no++ instruction gets evaluated in the first run, before the main function is called.

There is no such thing as a "first run, before the main function is called"

Will this happen?

Only if something is very seriously broken!

Any suggestions?

Reduce it to the simplest complete program that demonstrates the problem, and run that in the Simulator.
If you still can't work it out, post that complete program here, and explain what you've discovered.

For some debugging tips, see:
(it's written for "computer system" programmers, rather than embedded, but many of the principles apply).

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