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Craig Steiner
08/25/05 09:37
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#100089 - Problems
Responding to: Maarten Brock's previous message
Maarten Brock said:
Are you still thinking about adding a simulator? And would there be an assembler coming with that?

Yes, I'm still planning on doing both an assembler and a simulator. Code that is submitted as a solution would immediately be assembled by the website and then the routine would be called automatically by the simulator and verify that a number of test cases return the correct result--it would also give a concrete answer as to how many instruction cycles and bytes of memory the solution took.

This will be useful since obviously at the moment the code is submitted the website will be able to respond, "That code doesn't work! Submission rejected."

I'll do this when I have time. It's not a very lucrative use of my time since there's no pay in it, but it's an interesting project I'd like to implement so I'll certainly do it as soon as I can... even though there's no money involved. :)

Craig Steiner

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