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Russell Bull
08/26/05 02:15
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#100119 - Dumbass customers
Responding to: U Kaz's previous message
Whilst speaking of dumbass customers - here's a few gems I've come across:

Most of these were with light dimmers -

Electrician complained the circuit breaker was faulty - sent them another. It too was tripping. Go to site and measure the current - 12A on a 10A circuit.

Electrician complained the earth leakage breaker kept on tripping so it must be faulty - sent them another. It too was tripping. Go to site and look at the equipment. Water running down the rear of the cabinet due to leaking water fountain.

On a site with budget triac based dimmers - customer complained that the dimmers kept on failing. After replacing a few we got a bit suspicious. Went to site to investigate - painters kept knocking a particular decorative lamp with a fragile filament causing the lamp to fail and pull an arc. The excessive current was killing the triacs before the fuse failed.

Customer complained that on a new site the circuit breakers kept tripping. Went to site and bypassed the dimmer - circuit breaker up the line tripped. 'Not the dimmer' I said. Turned out the most of the light fittings had evidence of arcing.

I've done my duty as a 'dumbass customer' also. I've been told to RTFM too many times!

Anyone else got 'war stories' to tell for a larf?

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