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U Kaz
08/26/05 02:20
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United Kingdom

#100120 - motor specs
Responding to: Russell Bull's previous message
Russell Bull said:

No insult intended, but when you asked whether to switch the active or neutral tends to suggest your skill in electronic design is probably at the level of selecting a suitable relay.

Firstly many thanks for a detail reply, I would not call myself an expert in electronics either, I am basically a mechanical engineer but in this particular job I have to use electronics as a tool to achieve the goal. I hope this forum does not mind people like me who do not have brilliant knowledge in electronics. I am working hard to learn and I hope that this forum could also help me to become more competent in electronics.

At no point have you told us anything about the motor. I'm assuming something that draws a few amps - if its a little fan motor - then use a triac!

its a single phase AC motor, power = 0.75KW. It has to drive fairly large load and the current do tends to go high. the normal specs of motor are

50Hz 220-240V AC
power = 0.75KW, 0.50HP
Current = 2.9A

I guess this clarifies things more


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