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Erik Malund
08/26/05 07:41
  08/26/05 07:43

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Mt Airy, Nc

#100151 - Since Craig is adept at moving posts, I'
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
I've done my duty as a 'dumbass customer' also. I've been told to RTFM too many times!Russell Bull said:
Anyone else got 'war stories' to tell for a larf?

Sounds like it should be a new thread...?

Since Craig is adept at moving posts, I'll just continue here.

TRUE stories:

A customer could not get a DB9 connector in because of holding it upside down. Took a pair of pliers an flaired it "so it would fit".

Several buses were miswired and we asked "did you read the instructions" the answer was "we can not afford to hirte people that can read".

The connector on a cable could not get through a hole, so the customer disassembled the connector, put the cable through and reassembled the connector. When asked "did you put the pins in the right holes" answered "does that matter?"

in the above read "the customers employee" for "the customer"

I once made a macchine that was supposed to be bilingual. Due to my limited knowledge of the Spanish language "start" in "Spanish" for the test was "get the finger out" and other messages were similar. A salesman "stole" the proto and demonstarted the bilingual capability to a customer.

My biggest goof probably was when I took a "standard drawing" and modified it and, in the process forgot to change, 400V to 220V. When they connected a 220V motor to 400V it did not like it at all.

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