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Dan Henry
08/30/05 18:09
  08/30/05 18:17

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Boulder, Co

#100315 - The wise men have spoken
Responding to: Manoz Joshi's previous message
Erik Malund said:
It takes time (=money) to write code, why would anyone give it away.

Oh yes, and in my experience, implementing reliable comms on an inexpensive RF link is not a "slam-dunk".

I have given away a lot of code in my day that is worthy of being given away -- the no-brainer stuff, software UARTs included.

But I have even given away valuable code to those demonstrating their eagerness to learn. One of my peeves are those (family members included ;-(, I am sad to report) who say "I want to know what Dan knows and do what Dan does", but when it comes down to it, they would really prefer to not put forth that much effort! Yet people who have been true learners, I have given away valuable code and my time to tutor. So Mr. Joshi is now in my "peeve zone".

Steve Taylor said:
I used to think the same as you, that a chunk of free code would solve all my problems, but the times I did use it, I ended having to understand the algorithms underlying the code before it did what I needed it to do ...

Yeah, that's it, what he said!

I was trying to prod Mr. Joshi along into asking the right questions and perhaps even answering those questions himself having gained an understanding and knowledge (with guidance, of course).

Andy Neil said:
Even if someone gave you their software UART code, that would not teach you anything about whether asynchronous NRZ signalling is actually a good idea in this application, would it?

And let's say I sent the fellow, not software UART code, but something that stands a chance of working on an RF link. Then we'd end up with the worlds longest thread about (some [hopefully] subset of) receiver conditioning, noise filtering, state machines, channel coding, clock recovery (probably not for his short messages), data recovery, error detection/correction, blah, blah, blah.

This is why I think he needs to understand his problem domain and his solution set.

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