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Andy Neil
09/02/05 10:58
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#100472 - "Program" or "Code"
Jan Waclawek said:
There are many problems in your "code" (and although I don't like to use this expresson for what is human readable and I believe should be called "program"; here, it is really a code for me...)

I disagree!

The terms "Source Code", "Object Code", "Machine Code", etc are all widely accepted. Therefore I don't see any problem in calling Source Code, well - "Code!!"

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"Program" or "Code"      Andy Neil      09/02/05 10:58      
   be explicit. I think it will be much mo      Erik Malund      09/02/05 11:14      
   joke      Jan Waclawek      09/02/05 14:25      
      that's the crux      Erik Malund      09/02/05 14:34      

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