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Craig Steiner
09/02/05 11:20
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#100478 - Forum software
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
Craig, why do you not make some money (and make the undersigned [among others?] happy) by selling the forum software to some of the other fora.

1. Because they haven't asked me to.

2. Because the forum software is very customized around the site and it wouldn't just be a matter of "dropping it on" another website. It'd require significant modifications. I doubt I could do that for a price that would be attractive to someone wanting forum software.

3. I don't want all the 8052-related forums out there to look identical to :)

On the other hand, if companies wanted to move their forums to and have special sections for their product forums, that might be do-able. I was approached for something like that before (I think by a semiconductor firm, can't remember for sure) but at the time the site didn't have the capability of multiple forums. Obviously the site does have that capability now so it'd be within the realm of possibility to consider such an arrangement.

Whether any companies actually want to move their forums to is a completely different story.

Craig Steiner

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