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Jan Waclawek
09/02/05 14:25
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#100490 - joke
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Although I really don't like to call the sources "code" (and I don't like to be called "coder" and I don't like if somebody calls my job "coding"), I don't mind how you or anybodyelse calls it - although I think I could reason based on ethymology and common sense, but I don't care. Also I don't feel you would object on using the term "program" for sources, would you? This is as for colloquial use of these terms - of course Erik is right if there is need to be more specific then it needs to be precisely specified - source/object/binary/anyhing code/program/whatever.

But in what I wrote there I ment it as a joke - I needed to decode that piece first...

Have a nice weekend!

Jan Waclawek

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