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Andy Neil
09/06/05 01:22
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#100650 - bible study time?
Responding to: Rupesh Deenadayalan's previous message
For fundamental architectural questions like this, you need to refer to the documents commonly referred to as "the bible" for the 8051:

Chapter 1 - 80C51 Family Architecture:

Chapter 2 - 80C51 Family Programmer?s Guide and Instruction Set:

Chapter 3 - 80C51 Family Hardware Description:

Your specific question about power ON is answered on p19 of Chapter 3, "Power-ON Reset" (see also p18, "Reset"); accessing external memory is described on p6, "Accessing External Memory"

This gives the standard operation for the 8051 architecture; you will also need to check the Datasheet for your particular device for further information specific to that device.

You would probably also benefit from reading the Tutorials on this site.

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