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Farshid Jafari Harandi
09/06/05 17:16
  09/06/05 17:18

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#100732 - cutting some part of ferrites !
I'm trying to build the current transformer pickup that i discussed about here( a little before,but searching the electronic market here i was Unable to find suitable sized C like ferrites,there are only little ones available ,so i am thinking of some ways around :

1- take an EI ferrite ,then cut the middle section of the E and convert it to C ,(Don't laught at me if this is so foolish!! ;) )

2- buy some EI ferrites and use the I section to build a box around the wire.

3- use a toroidal ferrite and cut out 1/5 of the circumference leting the cable to reach the center of ferrite.

4- use a very big toroid and disconnect the Spark wire and connect it throught the toroid's center.

what do you think about these ,any comments ?
Farshid J.H.

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