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Farshid Jafari Harandi
09/07/05 04:42
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#100741 - so i should use bigger EI's
Responding to: Russell Bull's previous message
On the cheapy timing light I have, it uses an E & I core. The I part slides to uncover an opening for the ignition lead to go through.

so i hvae to use Bigger EI cores, maybe use some of them which is sized about 40 to 50 cm to have enough (maximum diameter of the ignition lead = 1.2 cm) area in through the core ,and that core is big.could you tell me what did you hvae used.
For a DC hall effect current meter I built, the designer used a 1.25" toroid that you cut with a hacksaw into two halves and glue it into a large crocodile clip

i also excatly planed to glue the C like ferrite to a crocodile clip! so do you mean that by using an 'Analog' hall effect you've been measuring the current ?
could i use a toroid hacksawed in two part for desiging my current pickup transformer ? that would make a nicer tool.

thanks for your help

Farshid J.H.

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