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Erik Malund
09/07/05 07:48
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Mt Airy, Nc

#100750 - debugging frustration cures, I could use
debugging frustration cures, I have some, but could use more.

I have learned the following: if I need to do more gruntwork, I will stay late as needed BUT if I am getting frustrated by an elusive problem, see me get out a 5 pm. I have solved more killer bugs outside the office than staring a the monitor.

I think if all will share what they do in this, unfortunetely, well known situation, we may get a trick or two to combat the frustration.

The obvious one "put it aside and do something else" is good, but rarely applicable, if your boss screams for delivery of product x and see you working on product y, (s)he may no be pleased.

Steve Taylor: your method is well known, but enter it here anyhow :)


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